Lo Veras / Mezcal Artesanal 

Client Tejano Imports

"Taste. You will see." It's an invitation. It's a simple thing. We branded and designed these award-winning mezcals with the intent to show consumers what mezcals can be: refined, artisanal, full of character, and able to deliver a balanced experience through taste, visuals and packaging. Lo Veras is a Mezcal brand that challenges the myths about this traditional Oaxacan spirit.

We wanted the packaging to have a unique shelf silhouette in the mezcal category, hence the flask-shaped bottle inspiration. The labels are actual wood veneer, inspired by the wood burning pit that’s a key part of the artisanal methods of mezcal production. Each label’s unique wood grain, alongside the elemental motifs used throughout the label, are similarly indicative of mezcal's artisanal nature. The art and pattern work are an homage to the mezcal's place of origin, Oaxaca.

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Bottle Photography by John Schulz