We’re Meat and Potatoes, a respected award-winning creative studio in the Los Angeles market whose name 
you’ll never forget. 

Since 2000, our focus has been to develop key design, brand-building and packaging solutions that are 
fundamentally strong and to the point. 

We’re a tight team of professionals whose commitment, rare personal 
service, and proximity to the process make for satiated clients and 
diverse creations. 

So browse our selected work, and give us a call if you’re hungry for more – we have plenty in our archives. 


Who we serve:
Global brands, local brands, 
pop stars, rock gods, celebrities, chefs, aficionados, fashionistas, 
entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, 
distillers, authors, entertainers, 
marketers, investors, innovators, 
carnivores, omnivores, vegetarians 
& vegans.

What we serve:
Design, branding, packaging, key
visuals + everything in between
– just ask.

Want to be a tater?
Send a pdf portfolio & resume to