Tommy Lee / Never a dull moment 

Client MCA Records

This was the second record we designed for Tommy Lee after he left Motley Crüe to embark on a solo career. The concept here was to piece him together photographically – a reflection of his real life in pieces. Yes, David Hockney was an inspiration. But we wanted to photograph Tommy so close that you could see his pores, his scars, and his tattoos in detail. We opted to create the imagery ourselves, and rigged a polaroid camera with a magnifying loupe that resulted in a focal point distance of 1 1/2". Tommy was ready for his close up.

Distressed type* was created by hand to compliment the imagery. And the scratches on the CD label were printed so realisticlly that several consumers returned the product thinking it was damaged. That's so rock 'n roll.

Polaroid photography by Todd Gallopo
Under disc Tommy photo by Matthew Welch

*The typography technique used in this packaging is featured in our / Linkedin Learning course Textured Type Techniques – Check it out!