Chrysta Bell / Feels Like Love 

Client Meta Hari

In our fourth collaboration with the sultry Chrysta Bell (aka FBI agent Tammy Preston on Twin Peaks), we channeled her depth of love and the expression, excitement, tears and sensuality that accompany it. From the moment we heard the music and discussed the project, this LP came to life in our minds. Crafting it as elaborate as this, was not quite as simple. The exterior of this First Pressing features 3 textures, much like the feelings of love; UV gloss, soft touch lamination and sandpaper textured UV. The inner sleeve opens out the top revealing Chrysta Bell losing her head alongside two other images of emotion. The LP itself completes the crown of her head on the cover to reveal an inner lining of lyrics – thoughts of the mind that are in-accessable due to the construction of the sleeve.  Each LP is as individual as one's heart, featuring hand-poured color-in-color vinyl. And yeah, the CD package is the same, just smaller.

But don't take our word for it, watch Chrysta Bell unbox this LP...


Photography by: Elias Tahan

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