Blue Note Review / Subscription Box 

Client Blue Note

Every once in a while a passion project presents itself to M+P – this is one of them. We've worked creatively alongside musician, producer and Blue Note President Don Was for just about 2 years of innovation. The result is the Blue Note Review: a limited edition, bi-annual subscription box set (Volume one shown here). Our goal was to provide an unparalleled multi-sensory experience for jazz enthusiasts. The foundation of each BNR is the music. Each volume contains a collection of new recordings from Blue Note’s current roster, plus a timeless treasure from the Blue Note vaults. The BNR is physical extension of the enduringly hip Blue Note aesthetic to adorn the ears, eyes, and mind. 

Volume One:
A linen cloth, foil-stamped wrapped box with soft touch surfaces make up the box and double LP. Then there's the butcher paper zine, scarf by John Varvatos, a vaulted LP from Blue Mitchell, lithographs by Frances Wolff, a cork turntable mat to protect your new music treasures, and a note from Don to round out your experience. The new music within is only available in the BNR, it can't be found on streaming services or digital download sites, and none of the items contained in the set are sold separately. 

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Cover photography by Tomo Muscionico