Linkedin / Making 3D presentation materials and mockups 

Client / Linkedin

Here at M+P, we have a passion for making packaging mockups, and our / Linkedin Learning course can help students master the craft. Practice makes perfect! 

Skill level: Intermediate

Course Overview:
3D mockups are a unique and impactful way to convey your ideas. If making 3D presentation materials seems like a big or complex undertaking, then this course is for you. Todd Gallopo introduces you to the process of visualizing designs and then shows you how to translate your concepts into measured, constructed, tangible mockups. Learn how to select the tools you need, set up your workspace, and assess the structure you will be working with as part of your initial prep. Then, see how to create, print, cut, and fold materials into 3D forms you can present. Along the way, Todd also explains how to make materials last, how to photograph mockups, and how to present both physical and digital forms of your designs.

Check out the Welcome video below.
Watch the full course here.